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Acrylic Floor Sealer 5Ltr

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A water emulsion floor sealer based on an exceptionally tough thermoplastic acrylic polymer. Provides the perfect foundation for metallised polishes, it is particularly good for old linoleum and other impoverished floors that have become porous. Also suitable for interior stone and concrete and will prevent concrete floors from dusting. Not to be used on wood or cork.

All these polishes have a drying time of between 25-35 minutes depending on conditions. The coverage will vary between 50 to 60m per litre depending upon the solids content and the porosity of the floor. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of old polishes and sealers. The sealer is made to last and any dirt left on the floor will remain until the sealer is removed. Application should be with a standard mop, DO NOT USE applicators which will generate excessive foam. Apply to the floor sparingly in a thin even film. Use long even strokes, do not rub. Two coats of sealer should be applied. Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly and evenly before applying the second coat. Do not over apply. This will provide a perfect base for a quality finish when applied on hard surface flooring. Always clean applicators with clean water after use.