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  • B# Virtuoso cleaning Kit

    This kit is a uniquely designed cleaning kit for brass instruments.

    It is designed in the UK by brass players for brass players and is endorsed by some of the Worlds leading musicians & bands.

    The kit cleans brass instruments from the inside out, removing unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework.

    It clears oil and grease leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent. Safe on all finishes it cleans, polishes and gives the instrument an easy next time clean anti-static coating.
    It comprises of an Instrument Soak, a Finishing Polish and a quality Helin brush & cloth kit.
    The kit consists of: -
    Instrument Soak- Unique soak that cleans the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from your instrument pipework and clearing oils and greases leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next time clean anti-static coating.
    Finishing Polish- Made using natural Avocado oil this polish gives your instrument that sort after championship finish.
    Helin Brush and Cloth Kit- Quality kit from the worlds leading manufacturer, specially designed for b sharp
    The soak is formulated to be used in warm not hot water.
    Water that is too hot may damage/melt the lacquer of a brass instrument. Use water the would be suitable to bathe in.






    An 8oz / 227ml biodegradable and compostable hot drink paper coffee cup with a maximum capacity of 284ml to the rim and branded with the Ingeo logo. They are made from premium food grade cup stock and lined with a PLA coating. Perfect for use in cafes, coffee shops and bakeries.

    As can be seen from the photos, this coffee cup has a roll at the top for easy sipping, an elevated base / stand of approximately 4mm and green writing around the cup:

    - Attention: Chaud
    - Caution : The Contents are Hot
    - Save our environment by using eco-friendly paper cups made from 100% compostable materials
    - Enviro -friendly
    - Ingeo and logo

    These cups are 91mm high and as they are made from Ingeo TM they are compostable in commercial compost facilities. The Ingeo PLA lining of the cup means it works as any other coffee cups, but is compostable as it made from plants rather than petroleum so is also a renewable resource.


    White Domed, Compostable, Sip-Thru Travel lids, designed for the 'coffee to go' market.
    Manufactured from CPLA.

    ONLY £59.99 Plus VAT 



    If you are looking for the benefits of super concentrates without
    having the possibility to connect a Diversey dilution system to the
    buildings water facilities, Exact is the solution for you.
    Exact consists of light weight, portable 1L dosing bottles which are
    refilled from 5L bag in box concentrated products.
    With Exact, all your sites can benefit from environmentally friendly
    and cost effective concentrated products.
    Key benifits
    • Flexible and Portable - no water connection
    • Improves your Environmental Footprint
    • Simplifies your Operation
    Flexible and Portable - no water connection
    Exact dosing bottles do not require any connection to water and
    can therefore be used in any of your sites. Exact is also ideal for very
    small sites with low consumption which cannot be supplied on a
    regular basis.
    Improves your Environmental Footprint
    The Exact 5L bag in box refills the Exact dosing bottles, making the
    environmental impact of the dosing bottles close to zero. The bag
    in box has the lowest environmental footprint, due to dramatically
    reducing packaging waste and transport.
    Simplifies your Operation
    All Exact dosing bottles are equipped with a dosing cap delivering
    the same amount of chemical every time to help you control the
    consumption. The Exact platform is also fully colour coded including
    the products, the labels and the spray bottles to ensure easy
    recognition and product use.
    Only £49.99 plus VAT 


    Carefree Range

    Carefree has provided professionals with quality floor care solutions for more than 30 years.
    The proven 3-step system is a simple yet tailored approach suitable for any floor maintenance.
    To complement the range, Diversey offers the established brand of TASKI, a comprehensive
    range of floor care machines ergonomically designed to save time and costly labour. Together
    Carefree and TASKI provide the complete floor care package, a powerful combination
    guaranteed to deliver a superior and longer lasting finish.


  • Floor Pads (x5)

    FLOOR PADS (Cleaning, Buffing & Polishing)

    For machines operating up to 600rpm. 85mm push out centre hole prevents the floor pad from  overheating.

    Pads hug uneven  floors and can be used on both sides  with no loss of efficiency.

    To extend the life of the pads, brush the  pad surface while rinsing with clean water by using the centre  push-out piece, and hang to dry.


  • Surf Powder 130 Wash 8.45kg White


    Recent research has shown these professionals don’t just want whiteness and stain removal, they want a fresh fragrance burst after burst. New Surf White combines an Extra Strong Whiteness Formula with fragrance boosting technology to release burst after burst of fresh, long lasting perfume.