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Good Sense Fresh

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Good Sense Fresh is a non-aerosol spray for eliminating odour in fabrics
and furnishings.
Features Benefits
Safe on colourfast, washable ?Suitable for use in all areas
fabrics/furnishings and on most fabrics/furnishings.

Fast acting and long lasting
Quickly leaves rooms and
freshness furnishings smelling fresh and
Unique, patented technology
Effectively eliminates rather
alters malodour molecules than masks odours.

Effective against a wide variety
Can be applied as part of normal
of odours (tobacco, food, urine etc) cleaning routine.

Do not use on silk, leather, non-colourfast or non-washable fabrics. Test
colour-fastness and material compatibility in a small inconspicuous place
before use. Remove spillage or build-up from hard floors, as surface may
become slippery.