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Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser 1Ltr

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Revitalize your kitchen cleaning routine with our powerful Kitchen Degreaser, specially formulated to conquer tough stains and soiling with ease.

This versatile cleaner is your go-to solution for eliminating grease and grime from hard surfaces, commercial equipment, floors, and non-slip flooring. With a pH range of 12-13.4, it delivers effective cleaning without leaving behind any unwanted taint or fragrance.

Experience fast stain removal and efficient cleaning, thanks to our degreaser's potent formula. Its multi-purpose design ensures it's suitable for various surfaces and applications, providing convenience and versatility in your cleaning arsenal.

Compact and easy to store, our kitchen degreaser is always within reach whenever you need it. Plus, it comes diluted and ready to use, saving you time and effort in preparation.

Revolutionize your kitchen cleaning routine today with our Heavy-Duty Kitchen Degreaser—a reliable ally for pristine and hygienic surfaces.