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Suma Bac Conc. D10 Sanitizer

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Suma Bac conc D10 conc is a highly concentrated detergent disinfectant for
one step cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in food premises.
Suma Bac conc D10 conc is suitable for all surfaces in food premises. The
combination of cationic, sequestrant and a buffer system makes this product
very effective against a wide range of microorganisms, in all water conditions.
The formulation also contains surfactants, which makes the product suitable for
one step cleaning and disinfection.
Suma Bac conc D10 conc is economical in use by the controlled dosing
mechanism of the JohnsonDiversey Divermite dispenser.
Conforms to SABS 1853 “Disinfectants and Detergent disinfectants for
use in the food industry”.

Features Benefits
Wide spectrum of bacteria killed
Effective against a wide spectrum of
microorganisms, helping to improve
hygiene security.

Effective and versatile product
Suitable for cleaning all hard
surfaces (will not damage delicate
material e.g. plastics, paintwork or
polished metals).
Reduces waste, needs less storage
capacity and gives excellent economy due
too highly concentrated formulation.

Hard water tolerant
Effective in all water conditions.
Environmentally acceptable